April 15th > HauL

Back from Japan Last week and miracuLousLy my face didn't break out during the whoLe trip. Maybe because I didn't take any hormonaL anti-menstruaL meds? I stiLL took the piLLs from the derma tho, so maybe that's that. But anyway, this is one of the 'saddest' Japan trip ever. One of the main reason is... Continue Reading →


March 24th > So this happened

Threw a hen's night for one of my best friend. A good chance to bust these out *sorry too Lazy to rotate the photo* Then this happened Can onLy review the GodziLLa one: The materiaL was thick and the texture was.. not smooth. Like, kitchen toweL? The width was a good fit but it couLdn't... Continue Reading →

March 3rd > March on, squad

So finaLLy the derma program has reached the 'enLightening' phase. I forgot to incLude CLarins CLeansing MiLk and Bioderma Sebio XD And yes, they stiLL give me bar soap. I'm aLready using it, so it's aLready wet and sLimy and gross so here it's represented by the bar soap my dad stoLe from a hoteL.... Continue Reading →

November 11th

So Last week I went to the dermatoLogist. He stiLL remember me and what I do for extracuricuLar activity. He toLd me not to eat seaweed and any dairy products, and these are what he gave me L-R: Face wash. AM cream. PM cream. SPF 30 sunbLock. PiLLs. Some more piLLs. I stiLL can't beLieve... Continue Reading →

November 1st 

Going towards the end of the year, my face is getting worse.  Not posting the monthLy squad today, because.. I'm going to the dermatoLogist on Saturday. I admit defeat. Sigh. I wonder what he'd say when he sees me with this face.. again 😂 

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