November 11th

So Last week I went to the dermatoLogist. He stiLL remember me and what I do for extracuricuLar activity. He toLd me not to eat seaweed and any dairy products, and these are what he gave me L-R: Face wash. AM cream. PM cream. SPF 30 sunbLock. PiLLs. Some more piLLs. I stiLL can't beLieve... Continue Reading →


November 1st 

Going towards the end of the year, my face is getting worse.  Not posting the monthLy squad today, because.. I'm going to the dermatoLogist on Saturday. I admit defeat. Sigh. I wonder what he'd say when he sees me with this face.. again 😂 

October 1st > The October squad

I'm at a Loss. New smaLL pimpLes keep appearing everyday, at Least one a day. My mother had threatened to take me back to our dermatoLogist, and even though the idea sounds kind of reLieving, deep down I'm resisting. I've been derma-free for about two years now, and I'm so damn proud of it, but..... Continue Reading →


I'm back. With a heavier suitcase, a rounder tummy, 8 new zits on my face, and a new resolution (Later). I'm late for the usual Skinscare Squad of The Month thing, so now I'm just going to spiLL my Japan hauL. I have a new resoLution: I SHALL NOT BUY ANY MORE FACIAL SHEET MASK... Continue Reading →

August 27th > The Saem Natural Aloe Mask Sheet

Quick update. Masking with The Saem NaturaL ALoe Mask Sheet tonight because my skin can reaLLy use some soothing under being baked under Tokyo's summer sun these past few days. The mask sheet contains aloe vera extract, which has an excellent moisturizing function. It soothes irritated skin and moisturizes it well. PLease excuse the messy... Continue Reading →

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